We teach leaders the core habits by deliberate practice on their current problems.
This delivers immediate short-term results as they learn to deliver long-term results.

Coaching for Leaders
10-week Program

Immersive “Learning by Doing” exercises to practice applying the skills of problem solving, training, and process improvement.

These are hands-on practical workshops where you learn how to solve your current problems on-site in small teams.

Active “Learning to See” exercises will enhance your ability to improve the process flow.

The exercises work best in small team environments of 3 to 5 people consisting of a manager and two or more supervisors or team leaders.

Our Purpose

To enable the potential of people by providing access to structured problem solving skills and coaching to accelerate their learning curves.

Mark Warren

Mark Warren

Our Founder

Mark Warren has more than 30 years of experience working with a broad range of companies to improve their manufacturing productivity and quality.

Tesla2 was established in 2002 to provide advisory services to management in cooperative projects at various client, supplier, and customer facilities in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia.

As a result of extensive research of the TWI programs in the National Archives and private collections around the world, he has edited and authored several TWI-related books.

…Each time I hear you speak I have an a-ha moment about the way TWI can be used. I only wish I had this when I started my leadership journey!

Thank you for helping us with our TWI program. I am so excited to start using your forms for developing myself and my team leaders.

I thought I ran an efficient factory. But ever since you came, all I can see are problems and barriers to flow. This is great!
Plant Manager

Aluminum Casting Factory